You may have heard about Energy University by Schneider Electric but you haven’t made the commitment to register. What are you waiting for? Read below to see what you’re missing out on and what you could benefit from joining Energy University!
What is Energy University? Energy University is a free, online learning resource focused on improving energy efficiency and conservation in any organization. Developed by Schneider Electric, Energy University delivers timely, unbiased information from data center and energy experts on the issues that matter most: energy consumption and measurement, efficiency applications, and ROI (return on investment) calculations.
Energy University currently offers over 350 courses in 13 languages, including more than 200 in English. Since 2006 more than 600,000 registered users from over 180 countries have taken some 1.2 million courses. Since courses are product and vendor-neutral, customers are educated about the latest trends and solutions in their indus..